Tim Lane, Agribusiness & Commercial Finance

An accomplished rural and agribusiness finance specialist with unrivalled professional experience in the trifecta of services – rural advisory and property valuation, farm succession planning and agribusiness funding.

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Tim Lane, Finance Consultant
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First name recall isn’t always my strength, but I can guarantee you I’ll never forget your balance sheet! It’s just another way of saying numbers are my ‘thing’, after all I’ve been working with them in one form or another all my working life.

My career in finance and agribusiness spans more than three decades and has seen me hold diverse yet complementary roles in the speciality areas of credit management, private banking, succession planning for farming families and, in more recent years, rural property valuation.

During my career in the finance industry I have worked with hundreds of businesses, farming families and homebuyers Australia-wide and have assisted to secure more than $500 million in settled loans to help clients to run better businesses and agricultural enterprises.

Rural industry and farm finance knowledge like no other

My in-depth knowledge of the broader rural sector comes from having held long-term senior management positions for some of Australia’s leading agribusiness service providers, including:

  • ANZ Bank – Manager of Credit and Client Director of Private Bank
  • Herron Todd White – National Director of Agribusiness and Advisory
  • ProAgtive – Succession Planning Facilitator (helping farming families to navigate the transition of business from one generation to the next)

This unique combination of experience in banking and finance, rural property valuation and farm/business advisory enables me to provide well-considered, real world finance solutions that consider seasonal and future needs for domestic and global enterprises. I can help you with:

  • property purchases
  • capital improvements
  • production and storage infrastructure developments
  • farm equipment and vehicle upgrades
  • restructure/refinance
  • working capital requirements
  • cash flow management

Farm finance solutions with a fresh future in mind

The most satisfying aspect of being a rural finance broker is knowing I have helped my clients to grow and run a better business, and to actually see their long-term plans evolve.

As part of the Green Finance Group Team I’m able to provide competitive finance solutions from an extensive panel of banks and lenders (not just one or two), allowing you choice and flexibility. This includes a good working knowledge of the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) loan scheme and the emerging carbon market.

I also understand your need for stability, so you don’t need to worry about being passed around from bank manager to bank manager year after year. I’m here for the long haul!

Whether you are buying new or expanding your existing business, investing in new technology or need to streamline your debt servicing capabilities I can help you find a better finance deal.

Old-fashioned customer service for modern day success

I commit to provide my clients with:

  • a strong, experienced negotiator who is on your side.
  • the benefits of an excellent understanding of current commodity markets and rural property values.
  • timely action on requests and ongoing feedback – you’ll never be left wondering what is going on.
  • full integration with your additional professional advisers i.e. accountants/solicitors/business managers as required by you.
  • consistency of support – I’m available via phone, text, email as needed.

Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) (Dip. FMBM)
  • Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) – Credit Adviser
  • Bachelor of Business, Operations & Economics (University of Southern Qld) -1986

Even if you’d simply like some guidance around your business expansion or investment opportunities, industry trends or mistakes to avoid, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.


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