Childcare Centres Explained

The childcare industry is highly regulated and competitive on a number of levels.

Over 1 million children aged 12 years and under attend one of almost 8,000 government-approved or funded childcare services in Australia today. These businesses employ close to 120,000 individuals and generate more than $8 billion in revenue, expected to increase by an annualised 6.3% per annum.* Childcare is a growth industry but one that is set to see an increase in regulatory controls and requirements in the coming years. 

Current licensing and registration regulations include:
  • Licence to operate a Childcare Service – these can take up to three months to process, so it’s best to commence the application early.
  • Child Care Benefit Scheme Approval – whilst this is not compulsory, an application should be considered as having this will improve the competitive edge of the centre as parents are able to claim the benefit for work related costs.
  • Blue Card – this is a mandatory requirement for all paid employees, volunteers and even students who work with children.
  • If the centre provides transport special authorisation may be required.
  • If food is provided by the centre there will be health and safety standards and licensing that will need to be adhered to

There are a number of management companies that assist owners and investors in managing compliance and general business efficiencies. 

Childcare Management Services available include:
  • Licencing and Accreditation
  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Payroll
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Administration
  • Consultancy and Due Diligence
  • Marketing

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 * Figures quoted as per Ibisworld Report: Child Care Services Market Research Report, ANZSIC Q8710, Jun 2014