Grow – Step 3

A smart Financial Plan can make a significant difference to how you spend your golden years.

Do you know how much money you will require to fund a comfortable retirement? The average Australian underestimates their retirement costs to the tune of a 10-year shortfall. This is often due to an over-reliance on compulsory employer superannuation contributions and inadequate planning.

If you are a woman, chances are your situation will be even worse, particularly if you have taken time out of the workforce to care for family.

Your Green Finance Group Financial Adviser can help you to ascertain your ‘real’ retirement costs and provide solutions for improving your nest egg and lifestyle options, including: 

  • Superannuation
  • Self Managed Super Funds – SMSF
  • Investments

Whether retirement is 5 or 50 years away we can help you to refine a strategy to suit your personal situation and goals, which may include:

  • Increasing your superannuation contributions
  • Consolidating your superannuation funds
  • Salary sacrificing
  • Government co-contributions or tax rebates
  • Minimising your tax liability
  • Reorganising your income sources
  • Maximising your age pension
  • Additional investment opportunities

Finding the best ways to grow your finances to provide your desired lifestyle long after you’ve finished working can be complicated which is why trusted advice is invaluable.

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