DOWNLOAD: GFG Financial Quarterly Newsletter – Winter 2014

Well, according to the calendar we have hit winter but it would seem the weather bureau hasn’t yet caught up, at least in Queensland, where warm days, perfect blue skies and GFG_Newsletter_FrontPage_IMAGE_13.05.14balmy nights are further ensuring our reputation as the Sunshine State. (I’m not complaining!)

Temperatures aside, we know for sure it’s winter because our latest newsletter says so and you can download your very own copy full of the latest financial news and views including:
• Top tips for the first time property investor
• An update on the new credit law changes and how they affect you
• Financial Planning – what’s important at your life stage?
And for when the weather finally takes us into woollen’s territory, make sure you check out our recipe for the best pork roast you’ll ever taste. Enjoy!

to download the Green Finance Group Winter Newsletter.