GFG Newsletter – Autumn 2015

The first quarter of 2015 is almost done and dusted and with it, the latest edition of GFG’s Newsletter – yes that’s the Autumn edition, is here!

Green Finance Group Autumn Newsletter 2015 ImageAutumn – the word in itself kicks the last of the summer holiday memories to the curb. Easter eggs instead of ice blocks, footy instead of cricket, jumpers instead of boardies…well you get the picture! And whilst the temperatures may be set to drop, I can honestly say the finance market is hotting up.

The RBA’s February cash rate drop of 0.25% means finance is the cheapest it has been in decades. Banks are looking for business and now is a good time to review your home and business finances to see if you can save money. 

The topic of refinancing can strike fear in the mere mortal – the paperwork, the hassle – but seriously, your broker will sort most of that out for you and the dollars that can be saved make it more than worthwhile. If you’ve had your loan for more than two years, I recommend you have it reviewed. When it comes to your finances, there is just rule to remember:

Set it. Forget it. Regret it.

And, if the new season of The Block has your inner chippy or interior designer jumping for joy, there’s no denying that borrowing to renovate, while rates are low, can be a smart move. See the latest edition of the newsletter for more on the topic of financing renovations as well as:

• The Many Myths Surrounding Superannuation
• Low Rate Vehicle Finance – is it too good to be true?

On the topic of renovations, it’s fair to say the entire GFG team is across the subject considering we’ve just renovated the GFG office, almost doubling its size, to fit our expanding team of professional finance brokers, financial planners and insurance advisers. And yes we are loving our new home!

For more information on how to get a better finance deal for you, give us a call on 07 3899 2866 and book a free consultation today.

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