Financial Quarterly Summer 2014 Newsletter Released

Today we release our Summer 2014 newsletter, our last for the year – “what?” I hear you shout. Yes, 2014 is almost done folks and that means the silly season, and all its trimmings, is on our doorstep.Green Finance Group Summer 2014 Newsletter Image

And whilst I hate to be the one to add yet another ‘task’ to your end-of-year list, I’m going to anyway, because it’s important. I know this time of year is busy, but so is new year and mid-year and before you know it I’ll be banging on about the 2015 Summer Newsletter so, whilst you are in the business of checking things off your list, be sure to  take some time out and really consider your finances and your plans for 2015.

Whether you want to minimise your monthly mortgage repayments, upgrade or renovate your home, expand your business or buy new equipment, perhaps even buy an investment property or consolidate credit card or personal debt before the summer spending season. Whatever you’re thinking, we can help. 

To get you in the planning mood, check out our latest newsletter for some topical finance facts and figures. Articles this issue include:

• Savvy Aussies: Buying off the plan
• Personal Insurance: What’s all the fuss about?
• Good vs Bad Debt

And, one last article which is seasonally appropriate considering the partying that you will no doubt partake over the next few months, ‘What to do if you lose your wallet.’

Enjoy and remember, if you’d like some help to get your financial house in order for 2015 give us a call on 07 3899 2866 and book a free consultation today.

CLICK HERE to download the Green Finance Group Summer 2014 Newsletter.