Flood Relief Financial Assistance 2022

The recent weather events in Qld and NSW have impacted many of our clients and our own team members and we understand the devastating disruption this has on family life and business. I hope you and your family are safe, first and foremost.

If you are based locally in Brisbane and need assistance please reach out…the team are happy to help in any way we can – from the desk or the street – Mud Army V2.0!

In the meantime, many financial institutions and the Government are offering emergency assistance in the form of financial payments and/or relief as listed below:

BANKS – Financial Assistance Options

Financial disaster relief options will vary from lender-to-lender and may include:

  • Customised payment arrangements for your home loan, credit card or personal loan
  • The deferral of scheduled loan repayments, including interest only
  • Waiving the establishment fee for restructuring business facilities
  • ​​​​​​​Concessional loans to customers seeking support to restructure existing facilities to assist in repairs, restocking and re-opening for business
  • Waiving the establishment fees for business and agribusiness customers
  • Working capital assistance for business and agribusiness customers
  • Waiving the early withdrawal interest adjustments for the early withdrawal of term deposits
  • The refund of merchant rental fees for an agreed period
  • Temporary overdrafts, additional loans or emergency credit limit increases (subject to credit approval)

We can assist you to navigate the options that are available to you right now, based on your lender and loan structure. Simply call or email and we’ll work through a plan together.

Government Assistance

QLD & NSW: Residents affected by the flood can apply for payments of $1000 per adult and $400 per child under the Federal Government’s Disaster Recovery Payment scheme. Eligible persons can apply for the payments via MyGov or calling Services Australia on 1800 22 66. For more information visit: www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/natural-disaster

It is anticipated that additional measures will be released in the coming days and we will keep you updated. In the meantime, please stay safe, reach out to your GFG Finance Consultant as you need and know that the entire Green Team wishes you and yours the strength and support you need to get through this. 

Header Photo: Taringa, Brisbane 28.2.22 – @RachelLoise