Green Finance Group Welcomes New Health & Aged Care Finance Specialist

Healthcare industry finance specialist Jamie Giles, formerly Westpac Queensland’s Head of Healthcare Finance, has joined the Green Finance team and is now operating out of Green’s Riding Road office at Hawthorne.

Photo: Jamie Giles, Health & Aged Care Finance Specialist

Jamie’s career in finance spans more than two decades and has seen him responsible for the management of a team of high-performing healthcare lending specialists and a business lending portfolio in excess of $1.2 billion.

His lending experience extends to large and small institutions, including hospitals, medical centres, aged care facilities, general practices, pharmacies, dentists and a the full range of specialist services, from Anaesthetists to Urologists and everything in between.

Jamie’s extensive industry experience and diverse clientele has given him an enviable insight into the complexities of the health care industry and its many modalities and the subsequent impacts on lending policy.

According to Jamie, the move from Westpac to a boutique finance agency came down to the opportunity to strengthen his own service offering to his clients.

“I’m excited by the freedoms and increased opportunities this allows me and ultimately my clients. I’ve got the best of both worlds with business support from a team of finance industry specialists at Green to the expanded panel of products and lenders I now have access to,” said Jamie.

In addition to providing lending solutions for commercial, equipment, investment and residential needs, Jamie is able to provide assistance with transaction and cashflow management and personal banking for directors and business owners.

Jamie offers consultations after hours at your home or office or at the Green Finance Group professional suite at 119 Riding Road, Hawthorne and can be reached on phone 07 3899 2866 or direct on mobile 0433 818 062.