Is your insurance weather tight this storm season?

At GFG we pride ourselves on keeping things simple, doing a great job and getting it right the first time. We don’t like drama and we do our best to minimise issues by being proactive and prepared, where we can. It’s a general working philosophy that I apply professionally and personally.

Where the hell is this going you might be asking? In line with ‘no drama’ and certainly without any wish to be alarmist, there is something we need to talk about. This summer is predicted to be one of our worst on record for extreme weather events.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, a La Niña weather event is brewing which could see enhanced rainfall, storms and cyclones. Thankfully, bushfire season is not expected to be as severe as last season however emergency services authorities are warning against complacency.

So, in the interest of minimising the drama (we’ve had enough this year) and being prepared, just ask yourself, is your home and contents and business covered in the event of weather damage – whatever that might be – flood, fire, hail storm, cyclone, locust swarm (!)?

  • And, if you do have insurance, do you know what you are covered for?
  • Are you 100% sure the cover you have in place is enough if you had to rebuild?
  • What about your business – would your insurance cover your income and costs in the event of a shutdown?

Need help to answer these questions? The team is now home to a resident insurance expert, Taidhg Flanagan.

Taidhg has access to a suite of insurers and products and is able to review your current coverage – home, business and personal – his aim is to save you money where possible and primarily to ensure you’ve got the protection you need. No drama, just peace of mind.

If you’d like Taidhg to review your existing insurance policies with a view to ensuring your cover is adequate and you aren’t paying too much for it, contact Taidhg direct on email or phone 0449 863 905.