New car buyers turn to outsourcing

Searching for a new car, getting a great deal and finding the right loan or lease takes time, right? Sure, but what if you could actually outsource the whole process? Now you can.

Green Finance Group (GFG) now offer the complete package when it comes to finding and financing a new (or used) car for work or personal use.

Our car buying service is designed to save clients time and money, and has proven as popular with their existing business clients as individuals and busy families.

We have a large client base of business owners and managers who quite simply want to spend their spare time doing things they enjoy, and car shopping certainly isn’t that.

We were already looking after the financing side of things but wanted to add more value to the process. By adding a professional car buying specialist to the team we use tried and trusted industry contacts to help clients get a better deal allround, both on the car purchase and on their finance.

Admittedly some clients are surprised by the offering but those that have experienced the process claim they wouldn’t buy a car any other way.


Ian Crawley CEO RE Assist Image

Ian Crawley, CEO of Brisbane-based RE Assist, a specialist outsourcing and virtual assistant provider for the real estate industry nationwide, recently utilised the car buying service and offered the following insights:

How did GFG help you with your new car purchase?
GFG are my preferred finance brokerage for both my business and home loan requirements and through the course of conversation I learnt about the car buying service. I was looking to upgrade my vehicle, I had an indication of pricing but I thought I’d see what GFG could offer, at least to compare. My own business is all about working smarter, building capacity for yourself, so it made sense to me to outsource this process to an expert.

How did the process work?
It took one phonecall to get the ball rolling. I discussed my needs including car make, model and requirements with GFG and then it just all happened seamlessly. I really didn’t have to think about the process at all. They found me the right car and organised the test drive. I advised GFG that this was it and they said leave the rest to us. I actually picked the car up the day after the test drive!

How long did it take?
It was incredibly fast. From my initial phonecall to GFG to actual delivery of the new car it was about four days. That included sourcing finance approval.

How did the price compare?
I had done some initial research and I definitely got a better deal through GFG than I would have on my own. These guys have good industry contacts and they do big volumes so the likelihood for savings is high. Add that to the fact I didn’t waste any time running around, it was all done for me.

Would you use the service again?
Of course. I actually recommended the service to someone yesterday and no doubt I will again. It sounds a little corny but in one word it was, perfect!

If you’d like more information on our free car buying service or better car finance options talk to your GFG broker or give us a call at the office on 07 3899 2866.