No personal insurance. Is it worth the gamble?

James worked in the army and later in mining, lived a fit and healthy life and had regular health checks with his GP. In 2014 James had a heart attack due to undiagnosed heart disease, and like 75% of other debilitating injuries he was not covered by Workers’ Compensation*.

The result: double bypass surgery.

Four years earlier James took the time to get financial advice and protect what was important to him and his family. He purchased cover for Life Insurance, Total Permanent Disability and Income Protection.

Fortunately, the bypass surgery was a success and James’ recovery was aided by the fact that he didn’t have to rush back to work to help fund his financial commitments.

Two years on and James is back at work and on track to recovery. His family believe that the only reason they kept their house was due to the large sum payout and his ongoing income protection.

Protecting your lifestyle is vital for you and your family. Why take the gamble? Our financial advisers work daily with individuals, couples and families to find suitable personal insurance solutions. Call us today on 07 3899 2866 and we’ll help find a personal insurance solution for you.