Latest Poker Machine Authority Results Point to Industry Resurgence

Below are the latest Poker Machine Authority Results (Tender #24) for the tender that closed on 10 July 2013:

  • $77,398 – South East (down from $78,468 in March 2013 – or 1.36%)
  • $51,838 – Coastal (down from $52,694 in March 2013 – or 1.62%)
  • $44,722 – Western (up from $31,092 in March 2013 – or 43.38%)

Read on for some expert insights into the state of the market from Steve Gagel, Partner of Business Services at leading Accountant HLB Mann Judd:

Significantly, this tender was the first since November 2006 to clear all pools in all regions. Back in November 2006, the authority average values per region were $283,293 for Southeast, $164,929 for Coastal and $74,966 for Western. I was a little surprised there was not any growth in both the South East and Coastal Regions – but expect values to march upward from here. If you follow the trend in the Western Region, it has shown growth of 78% in that market from when it was last oversupplied (March 2012). 

With the fall in the dollar and the election to settle down the domestic economy, I feel that the hospitality industry is about to go through another resurgence, albeit slow and patchy in the next short while.

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