Tom Mullen, Thomas Mullen & Co. Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

I know I’m going to sound like the Green Finance Group cheer squad but when it comes to finance, I don’t believe there is another finance broker that compares. On a number of occasions Daniel has gone out of his way to assist my clients, even when there was no financial motivation to do so. He is incredibly generous with his time, which is rare to find in someone with such a high level of financial expertise, knowledge and industry standing. His ability to assess a loan application or business case and tell you how or why it will or won’t meet the bank’s approval process is almost an art form. I know it doesn’t matter if I’m his 1000th email for the day, I’ll always get a personalised response. Daniel does old-fashioned, great quality service with modern day freshness and you won’t get a better finance broker on your side.