$14 billion in lost super – is it yours?

Did you know that more than $14 billion dollars is sitting in over 5 million lost super accounts?*

If you have had different jobs with different employers over your working career, you will probably have superannuation accounts in several funds. Do you know where all of your super is?

Whether you have multiple super accounts or lost super sitting waiting for you to collect, there are several reasons why now could be a great time to speak with one of our Financial Advisers to sleuth out your super and help you save for a more comfortable retirement. 

Lost Billions
Superannuation held in inactive accounts with balances less than $4,000 is transferred into the federal government’s consolidated revenue account. You could have money sitting in a government account rather than your own.

Paperwork and Fees
More than one fund means you receive multiple annual reports and statements. Apart from being a nuisance, the big danger is that your super will be eroded every year by fees.

Investment Strategy
Choosing the right investments for your situation is critical to maximising your retirement nest egg. What funds are your missing super investing in? Combining them and having a solid strategy can make a significant difference to your retirement lifestyle.

Find Your Own Super
The myGov Website will have the ability to help you find lost super. You will need to have setup access to myGov to enable you to search for lost accounts.

How we can help
One of our qualified Financial Advisers can help – find your lost super, consolidate your funds, discuss your investment options and provide you with guidance to achieve the retirement lifestyle we all work so hard for.

So contact us today to set up an appointment, phone 07 3899 2866.