Dentistry Finance

If you are a dentist looking to start a practice, expand your existing practice, freshen up your fitout or simply need funding for your own personal purposes, such as a new car or home, we have access to a range of loan options specifically designed for the dental industry.

Many banks and some non-bank lenders offer a tailored range of finance packages, discounted loans and special offers that cater specifically to the unique circumstances of dentists and medical professionals.

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Finance for Dentists

Specific offers, discounts and eligibility criteria can vary substantially between lenders. Your Green Team specialist health finance broker is in the best position to help you to take advantage of all the benefits on offer and will be able to provide you with a summary of options applicable for your situation from a panel of over 60 banks and lenders.

We offer a comprehensive range of finance options tailored to the specific needs of dental and medical professionals, including:

  • Home Loans
  • Investment Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Cash Flow Lending
  • Business Finance
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • SMSF Borrowing

Get a better deal on your finance today

Your Green Team specialist health finance broker is in the best position to help you to take advantage of all the benefits on offer, including:

  1. Discounted Interest Rates:
    • Access to competitive interest rates tailored to the dental profession.
    • Leverage our strong relationships with over 60 banks and lenders to secure a better rate and the most favourable loan terms and conditions.
  2. High Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVRs):
    • Benefit from higher LVRs, allowing you to borrow more and finance a larger percentage of your property’s value.
    • Maximise your borrowing capacity and unlock greater investment opportunities.
  3. Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) waivers:
    • Some lenders will waive or reduce the LMI for practicing dentists, which is typically required when borrowing more than 80% of the property’s value. This can help save significant costs upfront.
  1. Flexible Loan Structures:
    • Tailored loan structures to accommodate the unique cash flow dynamics of healthcare professionals and your business.
  2. Fast-tracked Loan Approvals:
    • Green Finance Group Finance Brokers have access to streamlined application processing and dedicated lender support for a faster loan approval.
  3. Exclusive Package Benefits:
    • Access to exclusive banking packages designed specifically for dental professionals.
    • Benefits may include fee waivers, discounted transactional services, and additional perks to support your financial journey.

Our team of health finance specialists are ex-bankers with unrivalled experience and knowledge in the provision of competitive finance for dental professionals and healthcare businesses of all sizes. For a complete summary of how much you can borrow, loan options and applicable loan discounts and benefits, get in touch today.

Our Dentistry Finance Specialists

Daniel Green


Australia's leading hospitality, accommodation and childcare finance specialist and winner of Australian Broker of the Year 2022.

John Keys

Finance Consultant - Healthcare Specialist

An in-demand healthcare finance specialist, John’s clients include PAYG practitioners, aspiring start-ups and some of the country’s largest corporates and healthcare businesses and franchise groups in Australia today.

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