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Australia’s supermarket industry has seen substantial change in recent times. Shifting consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviours and the introduction of cost-cutting competitors, in the form of Aldi, have caused a measurable shift in buying patterns.

With competition at an all-time high, supermarket operators, big and small, must carefully monitor costs, including the upfront establishment and ongoing costs of business finance.

At Green Finance Group we have a proven track record in sourcing competitive funding for supermarket operators, independent and franchise, and we can help you too.

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Experience matters

Providing your customers with a better deal at the cash register is your speciality. Making sure you get a better business finance deal for your supermarket or local convenience store is ours.

Every lender will assess your application differently. The key to negotiating a better finance deal is knowing, from the outset, which bank or non-bank lender will look at your business case most favourably. Our supermarket clients are currently benefiting from the following terms:

  • Leasehold: Funding is available for up to 50% of the purchase price (including stock) or 50% of the business value when lending to existing businesses. Higher percentages may be available for borrowers with multiple stores, additional assets and over 5 years’ industry experience. Repayment term will generally be the lesser of 10 years or the remaining term on the lease.
  • Freehold: Funding is available for up to 70% of the purchase price or market value. Repayment terms for freehold premises are up to 15 years.

The requirement for a valuation will depend on:

  • the size of the transaction
  • your background/experience
  • Loan to value ratio (LVR)

Valuation costs are paid by the borrower however not all lenders require up-front valuations in every situation. Your Green Team finance broker will be in the best position to help you minimise valuation costs.

Fitout Finance for your Supermarket

Regular refurbishments to your shop fitout are essential for retail success. Modern décor and well-maintained facilities will keep your customers coming back.

Obtaining finance for fitout can be difficult and the most common mistake business owners make is assuming their current bank or financier will fund a fitout.

Some banks do not have either the loan products or an appropriate policy for financing shop fitout. Without an appetite for the business, the bank will simply turn it away or add unnecessary costs and covenants to the loan.

It’s definitely worthwhile looking outside the panel of big banks when it comes to shop fitout finance.

At Green Finance Group we have access to a range of secure specialist lenders who can provide finance specifically for shop fitouts, often without the need for further tangible security.

For smaller facilities of < $50,000, you may not even need to provide financial statements.

Your Green Team finance broker works with small businesses to secure competitive funding every day and will be in the best position to show you how to get a better deal on your supermarket and fitout finance.

Our Supermarket Finance Specialists

Daniel Green


Australia's leading hospitality, accommodation and childcare finance specialist and winner of Australian Broker of the Year 2022.

Derek Parsons

Finance Consultant

An award-winning small business and franchise finance specialist who's on your side when it comes to finding a better finance deal.

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