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Top 5 Reasons to Refinance

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With the current state of play, it is rare to be hit up with a positive news story. So, I’ve decided to buck the trend and pay it forward by seeing if I can save you some money. As your broker, it’s my job to make sure your interest rate remains competitive, works hard for you,…

Even the Government is suggesting you refinance, but why?

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For Australians with a home loan, we’re dealing with two major factors that you should know about right now. The first factor is that banks have never been more competitive for your business, and the second factor is that those same banks, ironically, are largely failing to pass on the full rate cuts available, so…

Happy (debt free) New Year!

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While I’m not big on new year resolutions (too easily broken) I’m pretty partial to setting a good old-fashioned goal with a basic plan to achieve it (by basic I mean no more than 3-4 steps). And, as January rolls into the rearview mirror (yikes) and the focus on finance – thanks to the Christmas, Boxing Day sales,…