Karen Donato Cairns

How do cash rate rises really impact how much you can borrow?

November’s official cash rate announcement came as no surprise with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) presenting a 25 basis points increase, taking the official cash rate to 4.35%. This is the third rate rise since April 2023 and the highest it’s been in almost 12 years. So, what do...

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Home loan pre-approval: your key to a successful negotiation

Securing a home loan pre-approval provides you with a commitment from the bank or lender of your choice as to how much you can borrow before you buy, with a formal, written home loan pre-approval. An official conditional pre-approval isn’t just an ‘indication’ of how much you can borrow it...

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Grow your small business with the right form of funding

When someone describes themselves as ‘being in debt’, it’s often considered a negative. They might have overspent on their credit card or are possibly struggling financially. But for small business owners, the debt that comes from taking out a small business loan or a line of credit facility can, in...

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