Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly mortgage repayments or tap into your existing equity to invest, renovate, or even buy a new car, refinancing your current debt could be the key you need to unlock exciting opportunities.

Your Green Team finance broker has access to over 60 banks and lenders and knows what it takes, and more importantly where to look, to find you a better finance deal. If you want to save money, improve your cash flow, find more suitable or flexible loan terms, or free up funds for that dream reno or investment opportunity, we can help.

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Now’s the time to find a better home loan & save

Even if you think you’ve got a good deal with your existing bank or lender, we guarantee you’ll be surprised by the extra savings that can be negotiated.


If you’ve had your existing home loan for more than two years, it pays to have it checked over by a Green Team finance broker. Remember, when it comes to a home loan, there is no such thing as a loyalty bonus. Switch or stay – any which way we’ll help you to identify ways you can save.

Top Five Reasons to Refinance

  1. Reduced monthly loan repayments
    By refinancing you could take advantage of a lower interest rate – whether it be fixed or variable or a mix of both – and reduce your monthly loan repayment. Naturally your decision to switch your loan will depend on a number of factors including the age of your loan, existing loan structure and of course your future plans, but if there is money to be saved we can certainly show you how.
  2. Consolidating multiple loans into one more manageable loan
    If you are feeling the pinch of multiple debts and various loan repayments – home loan, car loan, personal loan, credit cards – combining your outstanding debts, also referred to as Debt Consolidation, may help you to better manage your finances.By rolling all of your loans into one single loan, not only will you reduce the burden of multiple creditors and multiple payments, you may also be able to secure a reduced interest rate, lowering your overall monthly repayment.It’s important to know that if you are consolidating shorter-term debts (like a car or personal loan) into a home loan, you are spreading the debt out over a longer period of time. While your monthly repayment may be lower, over the long term you may end up paying more.
  3. Reduced interest payments
    Depending on your new loan terms, any costs associated with refinancing and your newly negotiated interest rate, you may be in a position to pay less in total interest. We can help you ascertain any interest savings you can make by reviewing a range of possible loan options.
  1. Paying your mortgage off faster
    If you took out your mortgage or home loan some time ago, it’s likely your personal circumstances have changed. You may be earning more income or are no longer paying off additional loans or school fees, leaving you in a position to pay more in repayments. Some loans simply don’t allow this flexibility, so refinancing in this instance, to allow for additional repayments could see you pay off your loan over a much shorter period of time.
  2. Accessing the equity in your home to renovate or invest
    If updating the bathroom, purchasing a new car, investing in property or shares or taking an extended overseas trip is on your ‘To Do List’, refinancing could be your answer.Refinancing allows you to access any equity built up in your home to fund big-ticket items. With Australian property prices constantly moving, you may just be surprised by the amount of equity you have. If you’d like an indication of how much equity you have in your home, ask your Green Team finance broker for a free property valuation report for your property.

Get a Green Team broker on your side and find out whether refinancing is right for you.

Our Refinancing Specialists

Daniel Green


Australia's leading hospitality, accommodation and childcare finance specialist and winner of Australian Broker of the Year 2022.

Bradley Donnelly

Finance Consultant

This Australian Mortgage Awards Young Gun of the Year 2023 Finalist is an experienced ex-banker who knows what it takes to negotiate a better finance deal for you.

Darren Welsh

Finance Consultant

A small business and home finance specialist with experience that matters.

Dimitri Grespos

Finance Consultant

Dimitri Grespos’ award-winning career in banking and finance spans three decades specialising in private, corporate, and commercial sectors.

Estelle Dejean

Finance Consultant

An ex-banker who is on your side when you need home, investment or business funding or simply need to save money on your current finance. Bi-lingual: French, English.

Guy Buckley

Finance Consultant - Brad Donnelly Team

A home loan expert who knows what it takes to find a better finance deal.

Hamish George

Finance Consultant

An accomplished finance professional who provides the individualised care and confidentiality of a private banking experience, without the added expense.

James Blackshaw

Private Banking Consultant

With almost 30 years’ banking and finance industry experience to his credit, James Blackshaw knows what it takes to negotiate a better outcome on your behalf.

James Kelder

Finance Consultant

One of Australia's most in-demand commercial finance brokers and Commercial Broker of the Year Finalist 2023 (Loan Market Group), James specialises in commercial property investment and development finance.

Maree Woodcock

Finance Consultant

Maree Woodcock is an experienced banking and finance professional with a reputation for five-star customer service when it comes to finding her clients a better home loan.

Paul Steele

Finance Consultant

Whether you need a home or investment loan, Paul is an award-winning finance broker with the experience and knowledge to help you save money off your home finance.

Terri Johnson

Mortgage Broker - ROCKHAMPTON

A home loan and investment loan specialist who offers experience and knowledge gained from a career spanning almost three decades in banking and finance.

Daniel McEntee

Finance Consultant - CAIRNS

With access to home loans from over 60 lenders I can provide you with real choice when it comes to home loans and refinancing options. Find out how much you could save on your mortgage today.

Karen Donato

Finance Consultant - CAIRNS

With access to over 60 lenders and hundreds of home loan products I can provide you with the choice you need to negotiate a better deal on your home, investment, or business loans. Currently assisting clients based in Edge Hill, Edmonton, Bayview, Earlville, Cairns City and surrounding suburbs.

Richard Smith

Finance Consultant - CAIRNS

A business finance professional with extensive experience in all aspects of commercial funding, equipment finance and home loan lending.

Rodney Weir

Finance Consultant - CAIRNS

Rod Weir has dedicated his career to helping homebuyers and business owners to save money with a better finance deal.


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