Supermarket Finance

Need funding for your Supermarket business?
Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you are establishing a new supermarket or buying an existing supermarket business or looking to save money or negotiate better terms and conditions on your current business finance arrangements, the key to getting a better deal is as simple as, thinking like a bank! Banks lend money based on...

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Tips to manage energy price increases

Following is a summary of tips on ways small businesses can save money by minimising the impact of energy price increases:   Snapshot: After an uncertain few years, rising energy prices have put salt into the wound for small businesses looking to stay afloat. Sharon Musker of WiseUp Energy says...

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Two finance formulas every small business owner should know

Two finance formulas every small business owner should know   In Summary: Aussie small businesses are in a growth mindset, with 85 per cent anticipating growth over the next year. Working capital is a useful metric to judge the financial position of a business gearing up for growth. Another metric...

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