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Don’t dig yourself a Christmas debt

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I read recently that the average gift spend at Christmas time is over $500. Then I researched the food bill per person (and let’s be honest, the host get stuck with the lion’s share of costs) and it’s $122 for food and $131 for drinks. But for many of us, we spend a whole lot…

How to buy a new home before selling. Bridging finance explained.

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Often, clients need to sell their existing home to purchase a new one so it helps to understand the finance options available. The sale of a property doesn’t always align with the purchase of a new property so I often recommend a bridging loan to ease financial strain during the transition. A bridging home loan,…

Loan Q&A: Your big questions answered

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There’s a lot to know about loans, especially if you’re taking one out for the first time. So let’s tackle some of the common questions… How much can I borrow? Unfortunately, the answer to this one is ‘depends’! It differs from lender to lender and can vary quite a bit (depending on their criteria, income,…