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Home Loan Interest Rates: Where to in 2024?

In just a short timeframe, the Aussie interest rate outlook has shifted significantly. From discussions of potential rate cuts, we now anticipate a 'higher for longer' scenario, driven by unexpected inflation figures and cautious economic indicators. Despite notable progress in reducing inflation, challenges persist, particularly in sectors like healthcare, housing,...

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Insider Tips for Business Finance Brokers by Daniel Green

16th February 2024 Last week was a big week of achievements for the Green Team and I’ve only just had a chance to take it in. We were honoured with four industry awards over a few days, including our appointment to the LMG Chairman’s Club, positioning us in the Top...

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How are Childcare Centres Valued?

Published: 5/9/23 There are two valuation methods commonly used to value Childcare Centres:   Going Concern Childcare Centres   METHOD ONE: Capitalisation of Net Income   The Capitalisation of Net Income is the primary method of valuation and is performed by assessing a net achievable income (based on the childcare centre’s performance) and capitalising...

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The impact of rising interest rates on commercial funding availability

I recently joined Mortgage Professional Magazine (MPA) for a podcast on the impact of rising interest rates on commercial funding availability and what it means for business owners and investors in key sectors. Click on the link below to have a listen or recap on the key points below: MPA...

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Need funding for your Supermarket business?
Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you are establishing a new supermarket or buying an existing supermarket business or looking to save money or negotiate better terms and conditions on your current business finance arrangements, the key to getting a better deal is as simple as, thinking like a bank! Banks lend money based on...

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Grow your small business with the right form of funding

When someone describes themselves as ‘being in debt’, it’s often considered a negative. They might have overspent on their credit card or are possibly struggling financially. But for small business owners, the debt that comes from taking out a small business loan or a line of credit facility can, in...

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Green Finance Group wins record 25 finance awards in 6 months

It’s been a big week for the Green Team, in the best of ways. On Monday night Green Finance Group were awarded the honour of all honours at Loan Market's Annual Awards – Number 1 Finance Brokerage Australia/NZ.  It's still sinking in. In addition to our team award, I also...

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Buying a franchise business: Pros and Cons

Some of the most recognised brands in Australia are franchise businesses. Think Subway, Dominos, Laser Clinics, Poolwerx and the list goes on.  From fast food to fitness to financial planning, franchising opportunities are as diverse as they are popular with the Franchise Council of Australia reporting the sector worth a...

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Management Rights: The pros & cons of a ‘lifestyle’ business

Who hasn’t returned from a seaside apartment getaway and wondered, “how do I make this holiday-feeling more permanent?” Undoubtedly, a large percentage of management rights business owners began their business journey with this very thought. While holiday rentals are only a percentage of an Australian industry estimated to be worth...

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The first step to buying a motel or accommodation business

Before you start looking for a suitable motel or accommodation business, it is recommended you determine how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. Let’s consider a Freehold Going Concern motel for a purchase price of $1,000,000. Based on typical lending LVRs the maximum borrowing capacity would be $700,000 (or...

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